Okay, this is a big thing to me that I really hate. Stereotypes. The labels that stupid people put on other people because they’re different, and that really irritates me. I mean, what in the world is the point on worrying about labeling other people, unless your life is so boring that you’re just desperate to humiliate other people, which still doesn’t make since. I’ve always known about stereotypes and they never really bothered me. I mean, I never labeled myself or anyone else, I never really thought about people as being in different catagories. Men and women, teens and adults, were all the same to me. To me, no one’s alike, I can always find a difference, unlike some people. Anyway, stereotypes never really bothered me, until today.

So, everyone knows what a punk is. We all have different meanings to it. To me it’s a lifestyle of freedom and living free of rules and other peoples opinions. It’s also about going through emotional periods and letting it out through music. I didn’t really realize that other people saw me as one, seeing as I always just act like I want to and being myself.

So, I never really saw myself as a ‘punk’ until today.

At my school, there isn’t really that many ‘cliques’ and everyone usually gets along. So, anyway, just being myself and being weird and different, I snuck my guitar into school using one of my friends band cases. While one of the teachers was out of the classroom, we took the electric guitar out and started playing it. Everyone enjoyed it except some of the students that didn’t really like how ‘weird’ I was. So, my buddy and I got in trouble for the guitar and it was all over.

So, later on, walking out to the buses, I see this big ring of kids. I thought it was a fight so, me ,ironically being the peacemaker and biggest outcast at our school, went over to break it up. It wasn’t until I got to the center of the ring that I realized that there wasn’t a fight at all. The kids were discussing their hate for stupid ‘punks’, and I guess that’s what they saw me as.

So one of the kids says, “Oh look, freako decided to join the conversation.”

Then all of the kids started laughing and the dude that talked pushed me over. Now, I don’t like stereotypes and believe in equality, but this was a guy three times my size AND I’m a girl. So, me being my clutzy self tries to get up and falls over again. That’s when one of the girls kicks me in my stomach. I’m not fat, but I don’t have a lot of muscle, and luckily, the chick kicks me in the most musculer part of my body, my stomach (I guess the bellydance lessons did pay off.) So seeing as my abs are hard, it didn’t really hurt. So, now I’m really pissed off and ready to kick some ass, when one of my really big friends run up and punch the first dude in the face. I wasn’t really paying attention, all I wanted to do is cuss the chick who kicked me out. Of course there’s this really big crowd now and it wasn’t until my big friend picked me up to prevent me from doing any thing that I realized how stupid I was being. So, he puts me down and we walk to the bus. It was over, the kids got detention and I got a stern warning for cussing.

So, the damn stereotypes almost started something really bad. There was no way that I would have been able to fight seeing as how clumsy I am, and if I had tried punching the chick who kicked me, my big friend would have tried to defend me, which would not have been good. It’s a good thing I have friends with a lot of common sense. Unlike me being impulsive and reckless.

But now, everyone calls me the punk, seeing as no one at school likes the same kind of music I do. It’s really irritating and stupid, and to some of my friends, hurtful.

So, I guess the message here is, everyone is different. People may be similar to each other and different from you, but that doesn’t mean they should be labeled. It’s just stupid. In my opinion we’re all equal in some ways and different in a lot more ways.

So, I guess that’s it for now.



~ by lythia8808 on November 20, 2009.

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